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Chevy Performance

"The Block" Social Media Platform

“The BLOCK is social media for gearheads”
- Jim Campbell, General Motors U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles & Motorsports. 

The BLOCK is a performance-oriented online social community that blends online “bench racing” with interactive features of enthusiasts’ vehicles and projects insider info on new parts, the latest Chevrolet factory-performance models and Chevrolet racing activities.


When a person signs up at, a unique, easy-to-use QR code is assigned specifically to his or her profile. It’s designed to be placed in the window of a vehicle, allowing other enthusiasts to scan it and instantly call up the profile and details about the car – including a restoration history, racing sponsorship details, car-show awards and even videos linked on the profile. With the scan of a “QR,” or Quick Response, code, a BLOCK member’s profile, including photos, videos and more, can be viewed at a car show, cruise night, drag race or practically anywhere.


Members who create a profile and display photos and list details about their vehicle(s), including technical specifications, show awards, race results and even performance results, such as 0-60 times and drag strip elapsed times. Members can also post videos of their car or truck to share with other enthusiasts. Interaction among members allows them to “like” one another’s vehicles, engines, etc., as well as post comments. All those features are viewable by others who visit the site or scan the QR code sticker on the member’s vehicle.


The BLOCK also offers members a platform to reach a broader audience of enthusiasts, enabling greater visibility for their vehicle ahead of a classic car auction or to help promote a club’s upcoming car show. The platform also affords greater exposure for racing sponsors than regional or single-vehicle forums. Members can request to start a forum for specific vehicles or topics, further broadening the scope and reach of The BLOCK.

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