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"Woof" Integrated Campaign
"450% more retweets than the network average".

Dog-related content appeals to the masses and passionate experientials alike. With nearly half of the Buick target owning a dog as their family pet, the opportunity for Buick was to join an already active conversation with a hyper-engaged audience and the perfect place to launch our "woof" campaign. With the Westminster Dog Show being top-of-mind for pet owners across channels, the opportunity for Buick to leverage this annual event and launch content and create engagement where those conversations are taking place was a perfect fit.


The goal  was to create a unique interactive user experience that would be quick, fun and easy for all users to put their favorite canine in a Buick commercial to share with their friends. The idea was simple, shoot a short video of your dog barking and upload it. We then insert it into a Woof vignette and make it shareable through social media with your friends.


Online support included Facebook and Twitter advertising including dark post video ad units to reach the passionate experiential audience. We also extended our presence with OLA through high scale video networks, targeting dog-related video content and extended engagement by providing a presence in relevant white-listed sites such as,, and

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