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e-Assist "Wind Tunnel"Experiential Event
"The Human Wind Tunnel was a great interactive and relatable way to demonstrate the importance of aerodynamics, when trying to explain the superior fuel ecconomy of Buick LaCrosse with eAssist."
- Craig Bierley, Advertising and Promotions Director, Buick-GMC

An integrated campaign was created that explains the Buick e-Assist technology in a very human way. As part of the campaign, an interactive display called ‘The Buick  Human Wind Tunnel was created where participants were able to bring ‘optimized aerodynamics’ to life.

Installed at the Times Square Wired store over the holiday season, shoppers were invited to step in and discover their own drag coefficient -- with 40 mile per hour winds and a thin stream to measure their aerodynamics. Results were posted on a leader board. Digital photographs of the experience were downloaded through for sharing with friends on social networks.

Over the course of 37 days, Buick saw over 61,528 guests – a 92% increase from their previous year appearance at the Wired store. The Human Wind Tunnel helped generate 350 million press impressions and Buick saw their “likes” on Facebook surge by 41%. 

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