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eAssist Integrated Campaign
"It allowed us to tell a key part of our product story, while providing shoppers with a fun and memorable experience."
- Craig Brierley, Advertsing & Promotions Director, Buick-GMC 

An integrated campaign was created that explains the Buick e-Assist technology in a very human way. We took Buick to a place you might not expect a 100 year old brand to be:  The digital edition of Wired Magazine. A premier publication for technology-lovers and early-adopters alike. We created an innovative ad designed to take advantage of people’s natural inclination to flip past advertising as quickly as they can. When readers attempted to swipe away from the static image of our Buick advertisement, they caused the page to animate…and our hero car to drive 36 miles right before their eyes.

As part of the campaign, an interactive display called ‘The Buick  Human Wind Tunnel was created where participants were able to bring ‘optimized aerodynamics’ to life.

Awareness and opinion of the Buick brand are the highest they’ve ever been…with Buick now outselling luxury brands like Acura, Infinity and Audi.

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